The Ageing Australia and the Scope of Aged Care Courses

Aged caring sector is one of the most important sectors involved in the health care industry because it is one of the most significant industries in Australia. Australian Government plays a significant role in the requirements of aged citizens in their country due to the fact that the baby boomer generation is fast approaching the retirement age. There are several programs introduced by the government to improve the state of older people in the country to fulfill requirements of aged people.

Australia has a fair system of aged and community care when compared with systems operating in other countries. In Australia, aged people form an increasingly large proportion of the total population. Since Australia is growing older, the old ones need most care and the need for care services is going to increase along with aged people’s requirements and belief of these services. In order to caring elders, it will take a good deal of patience, determination and passion like all other health care courses. It’s the duty of professional to give them care and love because most of the people who the professionals will be dealing with are from a residential care facility.

The health status is likely to become more diverse and medical advances achieve results due the increasing amount of elder people. As a result of diversity in health status, the older people’s care needs will also diversify. Australian Government considering the aged care needs to develop the gap between hospital and home. The social and personal requirements of elder citizens who need assistance with daily activities really gets a helping hand from the aged care professionals. So the professionals should be trained to deal with the lives of elderly citizens.

Healthcare institutes introduce several health care courses including aged care courses. The main aim of the aged care course is to provide aged care training to the professionals to give an entry into the aged care sector as a personal care assistant. There are two major Aged care courses available for nurses in Australia such as Certificate III and Certificate IV in Aged care. These aged care courses are available in the major reputed healthcare institutes in Australia to pursue a successful career in Australian Aged care industry. This course is aimed at nursing professionals to work primarily in aged care residential facilities under supervision within defined organizational guidelines and service plans, and these courses equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Certificate III in Aged care is a course designed to carry out activities by the professionals or to provide personal care or other activities of daily living people in an aged care setting. Certificate IV in Aged care course is for aged care worker and nurses who have prior experience in aged care work. On completion of this courses will make the aged care worker more efficient and patient to handle all the situations. This qualification is convenient for the people who are seeking for professional or career development in aged care. The course modules are structured to provide skills and knowledge to the workers such as:

• Support older people to maintain their independence
• Provide support to people living with dementia
• Participate in the implementation of individualized plans
• Support individual health and emotional well being
• Work effectively in home and community care
• Provide support to people living with dementia
• Work effectively in community sector
• Facilitate support responsive to the specific nature of dementia
• Advocate for clients
• Facilitate link with other services
• Implement interventions with older people at risk of falls
• Facilitate support for personal care needs
• Work effectively with client culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Working in aged care requires a flexible attitude to adjust the needs of individual clients in particular situations. The activities such as assisting the elderly to maintain their independence and personal care are some essential part of the role and an opportunity for the care worker to support the aged person. Upon Successful completion of this qualification, it will provide the professionals with the practical skills and knowledge to offer direct care to clients who are unable to care for themselves independently due to ill health or disability, in their own home, the community or in residential facilities. These aged care courses opens vast job opportunities to them such as assistance in nursing, home care assistant, personal care giver, community house worker etc.

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