Online Certificate III in Health Services Assistance and its Advantages

The Certificate III in Health Service Assistance is a course suitable for workers who provide assistance to health professional staff. Health Service Assistants are the workers in direct client contact under supervision.

The main aim of Certificate III in Health Service Assistance is to give guidance and direction to the workers who are in contact with patients on a day-to-day basis. The employees can work with patients while supervised and these workers provide services to nursing staff and ward clerks. Food service, transportation of clients and ward housekeeping, cleaning and environmental studies are some of the duties of the workers. They can work within hospitals and community health facility and also work for agencies that supply support services staff.

Following are some of the direct care activities of workers:
•    Assistance in showering, bathing, skin care, hair washing, shaving, mouth and denture care, eye and ear care
•    Help in toileting, provision, removal and cleaning of bedpans and urinals
•    General ward ambulance and support mobilization as per plan of care
•    Strengthening  instruction on use of aids for mobility or care as detailed in plan of care
•    Assist with positioning, posture maintenance and comfort
•    Perceive and report patient meals and fluid for assessed low risk patients

Certificate III in Health Service Assistance is also available as an online course which can be completed at the student’s own convenience of time and place, and can give the required certification in health service assistance. This course does not have scheduled on-campus class meetings. It is an integrated learning program entirely accessed via a computer with an internet connection and students are able to download all the materials needed for the classes including lectures, additional notes and other materials. One of the main benefits is that students will be able to earn the Certificate III in Health Service Assistance after the course duration of 410 hours including 120 hours of work experience placement. This approach will save time and helps to earn degree faster for many students who want to just learn information relevant to their online degree program.

The online Certificate III in Health Services Assistance course modules are structured to provide a balanced program and include guidance on how to communicate and work effectively in health sector, familiarization with infection control policies, and how to interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately. The main advantages of this course is that the professionals can gain some skills and knowledge such as basic medical terminology, preparing and maintaining beds, assisting with client movement, infection control, support and care of clients, maintaining high standard of client service, following basic food safety practices, responding effectively to behavior of concern etc.

A nationally recognized qualification will be obtained upon the successful completion of the course. A Certificate III in Health Service Assistance courses opens up vast job opportunities such as
•    Assistant in nursing
•    Nursing Assistant
•    Nursing support worker
•    Patient care assistant
•    Patient service attendant
•    Operating theater technician
•    Theatre support
•    Ward assistant
•    War support
•    Ward person

There are myriad job outcomes possible after the completion of this course and it is up to each professional to choose which one best suits his or her preferences.

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