Major Aged Care Courses for Nurses in Australia

Health care is one of the most important industries in Australia. A very important sector of the health care industry is the Aged care sector. Australia gives significant significance to the requirements of elder citizens in their country. As the Baby boomer generation is now fast approaching the retirement age, the government has started giving a lot of importance to the Aged care sector. To improve the care of the aged in the country, the Australian Government has already established several programs to fulfill requirements of aged people. Most of the health care courses include aged care training because professionals need special training to deal with the lives of elderly citizens.

The social and personal assistance requirements of elder citizens who need help with daily activities and health care are provided by the Aged care professionals.

There are two major Aged care courses available for nurses in Australia and they are:
•    Certificate III in Aged care
•    Certificate IV in Aged care

Like all health care courses, Aged care courses are available in all major reputed healthcare institutes in Australia. These courses equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue a successful career in the Australian Aged care industry. Most of the people who you will be dealing with are from a residential care facility. This course is aimed at nursing professionals who work primarily in aged care residential facilities under supervision within defined organizational guidelines and service plans.

Certificate III in Aged care
Certificate III in Aged care is a course designed to give the student entry into the aged care sector as a personal care assistant. The main aim of this online course is to provide personal care or help with other activities of daily living for aged people in an aged care setting. Professionals need a good deal of patience, determination and passion in order to care for elders and to give them care and love. The duration of this online course is 320 hours including work experience placement .By completing the course the professionals can gain a lot of skills and knowledge on how to:

•    Support older people to maintain their independence
•    Provide support to people living with dementia
•    Participate in the implementation of individualized plans
•    Support individual health and emotional well being
•    Work effectively in home and community care
•    Provide support to people living with dementia
•    Work effectively in community sector

Certificate IV in Aged care
Certificate IV in Aged care course is suitable for aged care workers and nurses who have prior experience in aged care work. Worker at this advanced level are required to manage complex needs, assist in program and delivery, or team leadership. They may be required to supervise or coordinate a limited number of other service providers. Completion of this online course will make the aged care worker more efficient and patient in handling all kinds of situations. The duration of this course is 460 hours including 100 hours of work experience placement. This qualification is convenient for people who are seeking a profession or career based on aged care.

The course modules are structured to provide skills and knowledge to the workers and include knowledge on how to:
•    Provide services to older people with complex needs
•    Facilitate support responsive to the specific nature of dementia
•    Advocate for clients
•    Facilitate links with other services
•    Implement interventions with older people at risk of falling
•    Facilitate support for personal care needs
•    Work effectively with client culturally diverse clients and co-workers

Upon successful completion of aged care courses professionals will receive a nationally recognized qualification which opens vast job opportunities to them. Some of the jobs available are:
•    Assistance in nursing
•    Home care assistant
•    Care assistant
•    Accommodation support worker
•    Fielder officer
•    Personal care giver
•    Community house worker
•    Support worker
As we can see there are plenty of employment opportunities in Australia for professionals who are seeking a job in the Aged care sector after the completion of aged care courses.

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